Milestone 1

A message from at 3:33pm about Dad, Lung Cancer.

Today we reached the first milestone, the completion of radiation therapy. After the last treatment, we had a ceremony celebrating the completion of treatment – just like a graduation party. The head nurse read a poem and presented a gift to me with several reminders. I then rang a bell signaling the beginning of a new life. It was fun.

On the chemo side, we have completed 25% of treatment and the side effects start taking tolls. However, so far they are still tolerable. The burn marks on my chest and back from radiation start to show up and the skin has become very itchy. My swallowing sometimes hurts and I have lost some appetite. In order to maintain weight I have to spread the meals – more frequently with less food each time. Fatigue is still a major problem. In conjunction with the amount of water I have to run through the system, I have developed an irregular sleeping pattern – a lot of short naps but lack of long-hour sleep. However, the overall sleeping time is still 8 to 10 hours. Even though having these side effects, my energy level is improving, slow but steadily.

The doctor seems very happy about my progress. Originally we were supposed to have re-scans six weeks after the completion of radiation treatments. But on yesterday’s visit, he moved the re-scan day to the 17th of this month, only two weeks after the last radiation treatment. The results of the re-scan will tell how effective these treatments are. That will be the next milestone. So stay tuned.