Life at Atlanta – Part V

A message from at 9:11am about Dad, Lung Cancer.

The results of recent CT scan weren’t as expected.   While my lungs appeared clean, couple tumors in liver  were growing back fast and a few suspected new ones might have developed.   We reviewed  my life style and effectiveness of the work out in the past three months  and several deficiencies in areas of personality change and work out techniques were found.   First, my life style hasn’t changed much and I still have problems controlling my temper and anxiety.   During work out, my span of focus was short and the efficiency of cumulating energy was insufficient, partly because my ability to maintain motionless for a long time was low perhaps due to my hand tremor, insufficient strength of my  muscle and will.   Correction plans have been made.

This is a tough lesson learned and the timing isn’t good.   While the correction action is  taking its  time, here comes the winter, meaning uphill battle until next spring.   However, I have to keep moving forward.   This time there is no room for error.   I hope that everything works out fine and I can have better news to share next spring.