Life at Atlanta – Part VI

A message from at 12:19pm about Dad, Lung Cancer.

Owing to the fast growing of tumors, my doctor suggested another chemo treatment with Alimta.  The drug, according to the studies, appeared to be a correct choice and was tolerable by most people.  Considering for temporary damage control while I was doing other adjustments, we rolled the dice and accepted the doctor’s suggestion.  The first shot was on 12/16/08.  Within 3 days, I started to have skin reactions, lower chest pain and suspecious low grade temperature.  Thinking of possible side effects, I ignored the symptoms and continued my practice of Zijiu, hoping to get used to within couple weeks.  In the mean time, my skin was getting so itchy that started to affect my concentration and practice time.

Three weeks later, just when I was about to get used to these effects, the scheduled second shot came on 1/6/09.  On 1/10/09, I ended up in an ER because of severe chest pain.  They took X-ray, ultrasound and CT, and found the tumors were even bigger than before, suggesting Alimta was doing nothing but destroying my body.  They gave me pain killer, prescribed me Hydromorphon and sent me home.  Before I went home, however, there was a low grade fever developing.  I continued to practice Zijiu with pain, but I could feel that my strength was no longer the same.  For about a week, the pain reached to a level that made my body shake during Zijiu practice.  So I decided to take Hydromorphon for relief.  Within minutes I felt warm and here came the low grade fever again.  I finally understood where the temperature came from when I left the ER on 1/10/09.  They did give me Hydromorphon through IV before sending me home.

The low grade fever was lingering around for about three weeks.  In mid-February, the left-over side effects of Alimta and Hydromorphon were finally disappearing but they already put me in a deeper hole with less body energy and strength.  A reasonable decision turned out to be a big mistake and I paid big price for a very tough lesson.  Now I have to face a bigger slope with less energy and strength.

P.S. We have decided to go back home.  That puts an end to this post.