An Update from Milwaukee

A message from at 10:37am about Dad, Lung Cancer.

Hi all,

I was hoping my dad would give you an update himself, but that looks unlikely at this point. I know some of you rely mainly on this page for updates.

My parents left Atlanta four days after my dad’s last post, arriving home late on February 26. The following Monday they visited their local oncologist who said that my dad’s liver function was insufficient to sustain any more treatment and suggested hospice. My dad was enrolled in hospice the following day.

Since then, dad has declined steadily. Hospice has been wonderful, helping to keep his pain well managed and preparing us for what lies ahead. Our nurse gave us a copy of Final Gifts, which we have all been reading.

Dad celebrated his 55th birthday yesterday. We had cake and balloons.

Based on my dad’s physical and mental condition, our nurse estimated that we have maybe a week left.