Yvonne’s Wedding Photos

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Friends and family have been sending us photos they took at our wedding. We’ve been uploading the photos to my Flickr account when necessary and linking to the online galleries. The list of online galleries is posted on our wedding web site. If you’d like to be updated when we add more photos and other news, please subscribe to our wedding blog!



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Yvonne and Daigo recently got engaged! They are planning a wedding ceremony and reception for late June. They will also be putting up their own web site soon. Stay tuned!

Hands and engagement ring

Wisdom Teeth, Schmisdom Teeth

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After about fourteen years of dentists going back and forth about whether or not I needed my wisdom teeth out…I had them out last Thursday.

All four were non-impacted, so the procedure was relatively painless. Recovery is going well, but I’d really like to eat normal food soon. I’m sick of smoothies and pudding and soup!