Peter’s Update!

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It’s been nine months since my last update. I figured it was time to log in and make one.

First, I have a job! (Sort of.) Since October, I have been a substitute teacher in several school districts covering classes from kindergarten through eighth grade in a variety of subjects including: Physical Education, Art, Music, Orchestra, Technology Education, and most recently, Spanish. (If you were wondering, I don’t speak any Spanish.)

In May, I get promoted to a long-term sub, meaning I will be a substitute teacher in the same classroom for the remainder of the school year. Woo! Except it comes with no benefits. Boo!

All the experience I’m getting will hopefully translate into a full-time, contracted job offer for the 2008-09 school year. Wish me luck!

In other news, the cornea transplant has gone smoothly. I go in for my not-quite-1-year follow-up next week, at which we will discuss the removal of stitches from my cornea. (Ew!) Just my luck that this will all happen during the end of the school year, beginning of summer school, and teacher-interview season.


Sunrise, Sunset

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Last year, I went to Art Fair on the Square here in Madison. I was inspired to take up painting as a hobby.

A year later, I finally went out and bought the supplies to do it. Here is my first painting ever! (I don’t count the lion that I painted in 7th grade as a painting. You couldn’t tell where the lion ended and where the sand began.)


“Sunset,” (original, I know) is an oil painting on a 9″ x 12″ canvas.
Colors used from Reeves Oil Colour Set: Lemon Yellow, Crimson, Ultramarine, Ivory Black.
Paint thinner: Mona Lisa Odorless Paint Thinner
(The colors are more vibrant in person.)


Peter’s News

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On May 30, I received a cornea transplant in my left eye. This was done to replace the clouded cornea which resulted from my first eye surgery 15 years ago.

Recovery is going well. Some vision has been restored, but not much… yet. The full extent of how much vision will be restored won’t be known for about a year. It’s still very sensitive to light, so I’ve regularly broken the fashion faux pas of wearing sunglasses indoors to fit my comfort. As of right now I’m on doctor’s orders to remain out of the swimming pool until further notice. Unfortunately, swimming is my preferred method of exercise.

In other news, the job hunt is going well. I will be teaching 6th graders (7th graders-to-be) over the summer in Madison. I am still looking for a full-time position in the fall, and have already completed a couple interviews. Next up is completing more application forms, resumes, coverletters, and interviews.