Life at Atlanta – Part II

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The method we practice at Atlanta is called “Zijiu”, meaning save oneself, method.   It is composed of  a mental  part and a physical part.   The physical part  contains, for beginners, only  one posture.  All one needs to do is to open up a stand of the shoulder width, bend the legs so the thighs are  45 to 60 degrees with respect to  the ground and the knees are right over the toes, keep the upper body straight with  the  tongue touching the rear of upper teeth and eyes looking down and closed, put up the hands like praying, with the arms parallel to the ground, the thumbs 90 degrees with the remaining fingers at about the nose height and 6 to 8 inches away from the face.   Sounds easy, right?    Now suck in the lower  belly to the extent that you feel the front skin  almost reaches your butt, and tense up  both arms with loose shoulders and the two  hands touching but not squeezing each other.   Finally, try to maintain this posture for at least  two hours.

So, the physical part is tough.   The mental part must be relaxing to balance off, right?  Wrong again.   The master says in his book that every cancer patient has the so-called “cancer personality” and the emotion plays a big role in the formation of the disease.   As I read on, a chill came up through my spine.   In order to defeat cancer, one must find the personality causing the disease and  get rid of  it.   So everyone is busy dissecting himself/herself.   Every day we have to practice doing  away from that personality and add a few positive thoughts.   Sounds easy, right?  Just think about changing something you are accustomed to, perhaps a  habit, unique  behavior, belief or ways to do things in your whole life.

I’m not going to pretend that I understand the theory behind the method completely.   But a few things do make a lot of sense.   As we are aging, the internal organs do not  get lots of exercise.   The muscles gradually lose their strength and flexibility.   Therefore, some organs would drop out of their original positions.   Blood circulation would slow down in those areas  and bad things will deposit  at somewhere they are not belong to.   As the bad things accumulate with time, the probability that one gets disease increases.   The posture helps push the organs back to the correct positions.   By sucking in and holding the lower belly, the organs in the middle area are pushed upwards.   Holding the posture forces one to open up the lungs to breathe.   Therefore, all the internal organs  are exercising.   For the  two weeks at Atlanta, I didn’t lose a single pound but my waistline was reduced by at least 1 and 1/2 inches.   My middle became flat and I could do sit-ups, something I lost in the past five years or so.   While the effectiveness of this method toward cancer  is yet to be proved, I am enjoying these unexpected beneficial side effects for now.

In the next part, I will try to explain the theory behind this method and how can the incurable disease be defeated with such a simple approach.


Life at Atlanta – Part I

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We have been in Atlanta for two weeks. It’s  about time to tell my friends how am I doing.

Life at Atlanta is pretty easy.   My daily activities are eat, sleep, exercise,  and practice the Zijiu (save yourself) method.   In the morning, we do a little exercise and go back to bed.

  After lunch is a practice session  followed by a  nap.   After dinner, everybody gets together sharing what we have  learned.   Then we go to the institute to warm up.   Around 10 PM, the serious practice begins.   Here I sleep 9 hours, on average, a day, something I haven’t had since my childhood.

Before I get into details, let’s switch gear and talk about an article my brother sent me long time ago.   The title of the article  is “Why cancer is called terminal disease?”   This is an  article written by the friend of a cancer patient who saw  Dr. Lu of McKay Hospital at Taipei  many years ago.   After examination, the patient  was told that he had cancer which was incurable.   Dr. Lu explained that in  modern  medicine, there were only two ways to deal with cancer.   One was to remove the cancer cells either by surgical procedures or chemical therapy and the other was to block the growth of cancer cells.   The first way would fail because there was no guarantee that cancer cells  could be  completely removed or killed and, in the mean time, healthy cells were also killed because the chemicals did not distinguish the good cells from cancer cells, not to mention that cancer cells  could become drug-resistent quickly.   The second way would  fail because cancer cells could build their own blood vessels and stole nutrient from good cells.   It ended up starving the good cells while cancer cells were growing.

“Does this mean cancer is absolutely hopeless?”, the patient asked.   “No.” says Dr. Lu.   “Nature has paved the third path for us to cure cancer.”   For more than 600 cancer cases Dr. Lu has involved, he found that 85% of the patients’ blood was acidic.   “The normal pH range of human’s blood is between 7.2 and 7.4.   Cancer cells can’t survive if pH is 7.4 and above.”    Since this was just a personal observation from unpublished clinic records, Dr. Lu couldn’t say anything more.   However, the patient took that advice to heart and moved to a mountain area, away from cities, and began  helping local tribe people and  had an easy life.   He lived 40 years after the diagnosis without having any treatment or a single pill.

My friends, you and I can list hundreds of  causes  to make blood  acidic.   Today 1 out of 3.5 people will die of cancer.   We shall blame nobody but ourselves.   The only way to conquer cancer is to follow the path prepared for us by the nature.   In part II, I’ll talk about what I have learned here at Atlanta and the ways to return to nature.