Right Direction

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During the clinic visit last week, my doctor brought in the report of my CT scan done on 4/21. Unlike the previous reports, this one was only 1 page plus 2 lines long.   It got to be either very good or very bad, i.e.  not much to be mentioned, I thought.   My doctor read the impression first:

CT chest:
Stable appearance of the chest with persistent interstitial infiltrative changes suggesting infection or inflammation.   Interstitial tumor cannot be excluded

CT abdomen and pelvis:
1. Interval decrease in size of the liver lesions when compared to the prior examination (the one done on Mar. 18).   No new lesions are seen.
2. Bony metastatic disease that appears similar to the prior study.   The exam is otherwise stable.So, that’s good news, I think, and my doctor agreed.   Finally a victory, small but real, can be claimed.    The future appears to be brighter, compared to about a month ago.

This is a shot in the  arm.   Whatever we are doing now is working, although the war is not over yet.   Next week we are heading to Atlanta to attend the Zijiu (self rescue) Institute where numerous cancer patients have turned from  a hopeless nightmare to a healthy new life.   I’m looking at this as my last resource because the western medicine has nothing to offer beyond Tarceva.   The medicine would buy me enough time to get through the training.   Now I start to see lights from the other end of the tunnel.   In the mean time, the war goes on.