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Yvonne and Daigo recently got engaged! They are planning a wedding ceremony and reception for late June. They will also be putting up their own web site soon. Stay tuned!

Hands and engagement ring

Happy Birthday, Jon!

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You can go have a beer now.


Update – Dec. 5, 2007

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It has been a while since the last update. During this period of time I was fighting off the radiation pneumonia while continuing the chemotherapy. There was not much to talk about.

On Monday after Thanksgiving, I received the final dose of the scheduled chemotherapy. One week later I had a confirmation CT scan and brain MRI. Yesterday we reviewed the results from scans and I received good news and not-so-good news from the doctor. The good news was that the tumors on the bones were below the detection limit. So were those in the lung but two which had shrunk significantly. The not-so-good news was one of the original five tumors in the liver appeared growing back while the other four were not detectable. In addition, they identified several new lesions in the liver. The doctor was concerning that the cancer cells might have become resistant to the first drug. So he ordered another six cycles of chemotherapy with a different drug, beginning next Monday. In the mean time, a P.E.T. scan was scheduled on 12th, which would reveal a better picture of the cancer cell activities. We have to wait and see.

Considering my conditions in May, I take this as a huge step to the right direction, although a complete victory is still not in sight yet. I hope P.E.T. can have a better result. In the mean time, the fight will continue.