Wisdom Teeth, Schmisdom Teeth

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After about fourteen years of dentists going back and forth about whether or not I needed my wisdom teeth out…I had them out last Thursday.

All four were non-impacted, so the procedure was relatively painless. Recovery is going well, but I’d really like to eat normal food soon. I’m sick of smoothies and pudding and soup!


Peter’s News

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On May 30, I received a cornea transplant in my left eye. This was done to replace the clouded cornea which resulted from my first eye surgery 15 years ago.

Recovery is going well. Some vision has been restored, but not much… yet. The full extent of how much vision will be restored won’t be known for about a year. It’s still very sensitive to light, so I’ve regularly broken the fashion faux pas of wearing sunglasses indoors to fit my comfort. As of right now I’m on doctor’s orders to remain out of the swimming pool until further notice. Unfortunately, swimming is my preferred method of exercise.

In other news, the job hunt is going well. I will be teaching 6th graders (7th graders-to-be) over the summer in Madison. I am still looking for a full-time position in the fall, and have already completed a couple interviews. Next up is completing more application forms, resumes, coverletters, and interviews.


Hello, Friends

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After surviving May 2007, a very forgettable month, the only direction to go is up.

Today, 6/11, I finished the first chemo cycle without any complexity. Everything seems going well as planned. Here is some good news to cheer about.

Last Monday, 6/4, I complained about the tumor in my pelvis interfering with my walk and the doctor decided to do something about it. This was a giant one, measured at 3.5 cm, according to the PET scan done in May. And apparently there was another small one I missed. So they ordered CT scan on 6/5. Today we were given the report saying this giant fellow was measured at 3.1 cm by 2.1 cm and the little one was unidentifiable, i.e. disappeared. No new tumors were found. Whatever happening appears working and this is worthy of celebration. So I won myself a meal of beef stew. Hurray!